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RFID-enabled playing cards recognition

Plastic Poker cards with embedded NFC chip

According to the Apple iPhone 6 release 9/9/14 a view notes about the NFC/RFID technology we are using since 2009. Thanks to our customer “Pokernight in America” for this amazing RFID/NFC scenes here (begins at 7:30 min): Technical description: RFID is the process by which items are uniquely identified using radio waves, and NFC (Near-Field-Communication) is a specialized subset withinRead the rest of this page »

New Product “Pokertronic TELLS”

Using Poker To Develop Skills For Business, Politics And Life. Poker Quotes The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time. Life, like poker has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced. Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you isRead the rest of this page »

WSOP Berlin 2015

We proudly supported the World Series of Poker Europe. Next WSOP Berlin 2015. WSOP Europe is from October 8-24, 2015 in the Spielbank Berlin (Casino) in Germany.

In the last years Pokertronic supported over 150 productions in 30 countries. We travelled around the globe to operate big TV productions, world-famous poker tournaments, casino on-site installations and many remarkable Poker Finaltables. You will hardly find someone with more know-how in live or TV poker productions. Products, Services, Efficiency "made in Germany".